Summer Stack: 2019 Edition

It's finally here... Summer. (Well, almost for the majority of my fellow teacher friends.)

I realize that this part of the post is like all those pesky paragraphs before a recipe on Pinterest--when you just scroll past all of those words to get to the good stuff, and in this case--it's the book covers!

So without further ado, here is my NINTH ANNUAL SUMMER READING LIST! (Click on the covers to link to Goodreads summaries.)

THE POET X was my favorite book of 2018, and I've had Elizabeth Acevedo's highly anticipated second book sitting on the top of my TBR pile for a few weeks just waiting for the calendar to turn to June. My first official book of summer will be:

Adult Fiction I will spend the majority of my summer reading adult fiction to take a break from my heavy diet of YA. These are some of the books that have caught my eye: 

Nonfiction I've started listening to memoirs and nonfiction on Audible, and I especially love it when the author reads his/her own work. S…

2018: My Year in Books

Ever since I started this blog in 2011, I've participated in the Goodreads Reading Challenge and shared my favorite books of the year in a post. I haven't done a comprehensive year-end list in a while, but I've stayed faithful in sharing my SRLs--Summer Reading Lists, which consistently get over 5000 page views; it still blows my mind and humbles me that so many of you value my recommendations--I don't take it lightly.  I'm also inspired by President Obama's Year-End-List, so here I am making a rare appearance in the blogosphere. Besides, it's a cozy Sunday, and I'm fueled on three cups of ambition (aka coffee) and over nine hours of sleep. I CAN CONQUER THE WORLD TODAY--or at least write a blog post. 

I made a lofty goal to read 100 books this year. I haven't made that kind of goal since 2014, when I was coming off my years as an elementary librarian and consuming a steady diet of picture books. In 2018,  I wanted to commit myself to less Facebook …