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Our Family of Five

It’s been exactly a year since Barbie came to live with us. Most of you know our story, but this is not about us. This is a story about God and his amazing love.
As Barbie’s Pre-AP English I teacher at Poteet High School, I got to know her as the bright, bubbly girl that everyone loved. We bonded over after-school tutoring sessions where Barbie begged me to get her schedule changed so that she could get out of my class—the first honors course that she had ever taken. I refused because I saw something in her. She shared with me that she had dreams of going to college even though her mom called it a “waste of time.”  I knew Barbie was “college material,” and I remember thinking in that moment, “I am going to do everything in my power to make sure this girl fulfills her dream.” Ironically, God had a plan for us: I would be the one moving Barbie into and out of her dorm room at SFA five years later. I left Poteet to become an elementary librarian at the beginning of Barbie’s senior year,…