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Our Spunky Princess Turns Six

It was a rare moment of solitude that I remember the most about Peyton's birth six years ago. She entered the world much like her sister, quickly and with her fan club already assembled. We were blessed to have both sets of grandparents at her big debut; aunts, uncles, and friends stood ready to envelop her, eager to meet the newest Bailey girl.

It was a Wednesday morning, and I was induced, so everything went according to plan; Landry spent the day at preschool and came to see Peyton that evening. It was a sweet meeting; Landry didn't ask to send her back and seemed smitten with her new baby sister.

But the moment that I remember the most about her birth was actually the morning after. I woke up and was alone in the hospital room--that rare moment of solitude. Jason had gone to get breakfast, and they had not brought Peyton back from her night in the nursery (yes, she spent her first night in the nursery so we could get some rest. No judgment, please.) I remember lying ther…