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A Night to Remember

A perfect evening resonates. It's the kind of night that keeps calling me back to revisit in my mind, turning over each detail, relishing the remembering of the moment.

That's the kind of evening that I had on Thursday, April 10th during the TLA (Texas Librarians Association) Conference in San Antonio. In addition to fangirling over authors and attending informative, inspiring sessions, I was invited to a dinner sponsored by Harper Collins with three well-known YA authors.  I got the invite from my district's esteemed Director of Library Services, and I will be forever grateful for this opportunity because it was a night to remember.

Twelve women attended this dinner: Rae Carson, Melissa Kantor, and Sophie Jordan were the authors, along with their editors, some members of the HC marketing team, and some other lucky librarians like myself. We ate at Fig Tree in a private dining room overlooking the River Walk. Linen cloths, fresh flowers, place cards, and stacks of books (f…