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"I grow old... I grow old..." But I Refuse to Wear My Trousers Rolled

I've got a strong case of the BIG FEELS tonight. So bear with me while I try to sort it all out and search for a tie that binds...

First of all, it's my birthday. THIRTY. NINE. This body might be on the brink of forty, but my heart still feels like it's twenty-two. No, make that twenty-seven (sorry, Taylor Swift). 
Summer is fading away, but I'm still squeezing every last bit of goodness from it. You've been good for my soul, Sweet Summer of 2014.

My brain is starting its shift into school gear as I embark on my seventeenth year as an educator. SEVENTEEN. YEARS. It overwhelms and humbles me to think about all of the lives that have intersected with mine--to think about all of the students I have had the privilege of teaching--to think of all the people who have left an imprint on my heart. 

Like the rest of the world, I'm still trying to grapple with the tragic death of Robin Williams. How is it that the death of someone we never knew personally can leave us with …