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Finding the Words

It's the day after Christmas. I should be packing up the Christmas Crazy that exploded in my house. I should be doing laundry and trying to get back to the "normal" that the holidays inevitably hijacks. But I'm not doing those things. My girls had a cousins' sleepover at their Gammy and Poppy's house last night, so I am relishing this gift of quiet on a post-Christmas morning to catch up on my reading for 2014. Like the crazed book-loving librarian that I am, I always set a reading goal for myself on Goodreads. I didn't reach my goal last year (I hang my head in shame), so I am determined to reach it--114 books in 2014--this year. (Yes, I'm reading a plethora of picture books to reach this goal. Don't judge me.)

But there's a book (not a picture one) that called my name this morning from deep within my to-read pile. It's a book that I've been trying it finish for the past two months. I've picked it up, read a few poems, and put it …