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It Started with a Tweet

This has been a week to remember. And it all started with a tweet.

Actually, it started last summer when I read Faking Normal by Courtney C. Stevens. The book came across my radar as a wonderful debut novel about a girl and a boy who help each other uncover and speak their painful truths. When I read this book, I fell in love with it and felt an instant connection with the characters and the author, who I started following on Twitter. I couldn't wait to put Faking Normal in the hands of my students when school started.

Fast-forward to November. Shyann, a junior at my school, walked into the Skeeter Library and asked me to recommend a great book. After doing my librarian thing and asking her some questions to make the perfect book match, I handed her Faking Normal. Two days later, Shyann returned to the library to tell me that it was "the best book I've ever read." I said, "Let's tweet the author!" I like to do this because it's so cool to watch kid…