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I Need You, Summer!

Even though I have two days of school left (the struggle is REAL), my mind is screaming, "IT'S SUMMER!!" It's so close I can smell the suntan lotion and taste the snow cones.

To most teachers, summer means vacation and freedom and not setting an alarm, but to me, summer means READING, which is ironic because I read during every season; I read every day. But summer means a different kind of reading.

I use summer as an excuse to read things I wouldn't normally read during the school year. I read LOTS of YA because it's my job as a high school librarian and writer (and it's my jam), but I use the summer to read for ME--some YA, some not. 

Over the past couple of years, I have posted my summer reading list because people ask me for recommendations all the time (which I LOVE!). But the truth is that I usually don't stick to my list. Summer is a time to just read and see where it takes me. The truth is that I rarely stick to my list because that seems very…