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Finding Joy in a Whack World

In the midst of all the trauma and tragedy, I've had trouble articulating my thoughts about our whack world, which can be frustrating for a person who processes the world through writing. I've felt such heaviness, especially in the past month, but when I try to write to relieve some of the burden that weighs on my heart, it feels like ranting. I'm not adding anything to the collective conversation, and I don't want to be a ranter--another voice shouting from the fray. We've got an overload of shouting. We need more listening.

That's what I'm trying to do. I'm trying to listen and lean into the love that's inside my own heart.

I'm trying to find the beauty in this broken world.

I'm looking for beauty because it brings me joy. It's a reminder that God is WITH US. He is HERE--in our MIDST--we just have to take the time to notice. Even in this WHACK world, beauty still abounds.

But so does fear.

Fear is a thief; it not only robs us of our p…