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I Mean It This Time

When it comes to my book journey, I feel like the girl who cries, "DONE!" I made this proclamation in March when I finally finished writing my first draft. After two years and three months, this monumental accomplishment was worthy of a blog post, and I knew that revision was my next step.

Last Spring I followed my revision plan and gathered some beta readers (my closest friends and family) and used their feedback to start refining my draft. My words were still so precious and perfect because I worked so freakin' hard to find them, so my "revision" was more editing--even though I know better. My plan was one round of "revision" and then I would start the query process in the summer.

Then I'd really be DONE.

In May, I asked my writing Obi-Wan, author Courtney Stevens, to read my first chapter. Honestly, I thought she'd make a few suggestions and then I could keep clipping along in my "revision" and start…