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SRS 2016

We made it, my friends. Summer '16 is officially upon us. That means it's time for the pool, vacay, and READING! It's now a tradition to share my Summer Reading List with you. (If I do anything twice, it becomes tradition. That's the Aggie in me.) If you click here, you can see my past SRL posts.

But this summer I'm calling it my SRS--Summer Reading Suggestions. Because the truth is that a LIST makes summer reading sound bossy, and I don't need another list bossing me around this summer. TBH (that means "To Be Honest," Mom, because I know you are reading this), I never follow my summer reading list; I use it as a place to start, and then I usually find other books to read and abandon my list all together. The most important thing is that we all commit to READING this summer. For escape. For pleasure. For fun. For ourselves. That's the essence of summer reading.

This summer I plan on reading more adult fiction. I read YA (young adult) year round b…