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In Pursuit of Greatness

Like most of America, my family has been under the spell of Summer Olympic Magic. For the past two and a half weeks, we sat in front of the TV and cheered on TEAM USA. Usually, Jason and I limit the amount of TV time for our girls, but all regulations flew out the window in honor of this occasion that only happens every four years. It didn't matter the event--Mountain Biking, Rowing, Wrestling, Gymnastics (my personal fave)--we sat enthralled, awe-struck by the effort and dedication that it takes be an Olympic athlete in any sport.

Our girls not only enjoyed the unrestricted TV time that the Olympics brought to their lives, but they also embraced the Olympic Spirit in other ways. The Olympics broadened Landry's horizons to new countries, continents, languages, time zones, and the rules of various sports. (I justified all of the extra time in front of the TV with the fact that it was educational, after all).  Landry's kind, compassionate spirit showed every time the cameras…

I Choose LOVE.

I love Jesus. It is my deepest hope that this comes as no surprise to anyone. I love gay people--straight people, too. I love Chic-Fil-A. I would bathe in CFA sauce if I could. But yesterday a line was drawn in the Chic-Fil-A parking lot. Until last week, I didn't know that I had to choose a side.

The fact that many people feel compelled to "pick a side" in this debate represents so much that is wrong with our world today. We live in a polarized culture fueled by cable TV news channels, the internet, and social media. Are you a Democrat or a Republican? Are you Conservative or Liberal? Are you Team Edward or Team Jacob? There seems to be no middle ground left in America, and our politicians prove this point with their inabilty to compromise--each side refusing to give an inch for fear that they will appear weak, or Heaven forbid, Moderate. Our politicians are not the only ones guilty of this deep need to pick a team. Facebook and Twitter make it too easy to fire off our …