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Be Still: Lessons from My 30s

For three years, I've been planning my next tattoo, which is rather ironic because I never thought I'd get one--much less two. I even started a Pinterest board titled "Another One" to collect ideas. When my Bestie saw the name of it before glancing at the pictures, she sent me a panic text: "ARE YOU PREGNANT?"

Um. NO.

Tattoos tell a story. That's why I've grown to love them, which is quite an evolution for me. As I crept closer to the end of my 30s, I realized that I wanted my tattoo to symbolize what I'd learned in this decade. That's when it came to me:

Be Still...

My 30s began in a blur of busy. As a wife, a mom, a teacher, I tried to juggle all of the balls--all too precious to drop.

something to do
somewhere to go
someone to take care of.

Toys to pick up
Papers to grade
Meals to prepare
Clothes to wash
Lessons to plan.

By the time I was 32, I had everything that I ever wanted--my perfect life that I dreamed about in my 20s:

The Sisterhood of the Coaches' Wives

We blinked, and it's August.

It's time for the excitement and anxiety to start creeping in.
It's time to kiss our husbands goodbye and say, "See you in December!"
It's time to become a pseudo-single mom.

It's football season in Texas.

As coaches' wives, we know the truth: football season never really ends. Those famed lights darken; the games stop, but off-season becomes spring football becomes 7-on-7 becomes summer conditioning camp becomes August.

And here we are.

Another August.

We are ready.
We are hopeful.
We are undefeated.

Everyone is undefeated in August.

People think they know our world because they love Texas high school football. They see us sitting in the stands on Friday nights proudly wearing our team colors--some of us bedazzled (I don't bedazzle). They watched Friday Night Lights and think we are all Tami Taylor, who made it look so easy. (We all secretly worship her for it.)

But I am not Tami Taylor. No one is.

Most of us corral…