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The Next Step

I sat on this swing in Summertown, Georgia, in July of 2012 and first heard the whispers of two teenagers (I promise I'm not crazy--I'm a writer). These whispers planted a seed, and I knew in that moment that following their voices would take me on a journey to discover their story. Over the last two and half years, those voices have lived inside my head and heart, alternating between whispers, silence, and screams, as they told me their story. That seed has sprouted into a 390 page book--the story of Sadie and Tru.

If you've followed my blog, you know that this has not been an easy process. I have documented this difficult journey for many reasons. First, I wanted to be transparent because I don't think we do that enough in our world. We focus so much on the destination and not enough on the journey because it's more glamorous to talk about success rather than to admit the hard road that it took to get there. I also posted about my struggles for the sake of accou…