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The Pit of Mom Guilt

Last week I promised my girls that I would attend the Thanksgiving Feast at their school. As a working mom, this was a big promise. A Mom Promise. It meant that I had to adjust my schedule at school and take the afternoon off, but lunch with my daughters at school is a rare treat and worth the extra effort. I'm their Mom, and Moms make promises.

And Moms mess up. I got the date wrong. I saw "Friday" on the paper that was sent home, so I programmed Friday into my mind. But the Feast was actually on Thursday (Friday was the RSVP deadline), and Thursday wasn't possible for me. I was going to miss the Feast after I had already made a promise.

After some tears and disappointment, I explained to the girls that I would still be there on Friday--bearing Chic-Fil-A as a peace offering. Ever the optimist, I explained that if I'd been able to go to the Feast, then we would have eaten the cafeteria food (which I'm sure is delicious, and I'm sorry I missed it.) But si…

The NaNoWriMo Challenge: Week 1 Progress

My first week of NaNoWriMo has been a success. I only skipped one day, which was last night. I took a bubble bath and read Allegiant instead, which seemed to quench my writing soul because I made up for it tonight by writing for an hour. And it was fun.

Stats for Week 1: 

I wrote for 274 minutes, which is 4.5 hours and meets my weekly time goal. I have written 6,855 words, which isn't bad considering that I have worked a full-time, exhausting job while being a Mom and a wife and still sleeping. I feel like I've maintained some balance, which is the key to everything. 

It doesn't matter what I write as long as words come out. This process is about getting the words on the screen--no matter how crappy they are. And there's some BAD STUFF going on here. But at least there's stuff to work with, and it's not just swimming in the uncertain waters of my brain.  December will be NaNoReMo: Re = REVISING This story has a life, and if I let it just tell itself …