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My Happy Place: Highlights from TLA

The Texas Library Association Conference combines everything that I love--books, authors, libraries. It's a time for librarians from all over Texas (over 8000!) to convene, learn, and grow as professionals. I attend sessions and learn things that I can apply to my career as a high school librarian, but honestly, TLA is a time for me embrace my inner book nerd. It's a time for me to become an unashamed FANGIRL.

Authors are my rock stars (I even have a t-shirt that says this). As a reader, I relish a writer's ability to tell stories that keep me thinking, laughing, crying, and connecting to characters. As a writer myself, I marvel at a published writer's talent and perseverance to see a book through the publishing process. Now that I'm starting the publishing journey, I realize how HARD it is, and I admire anyone who has the tenacity to push a book to publication.

This year's conference was in Austin, one of my favorite cities. We were blessed with beautiful wea…