Bibliotherapy: What if we read more?

I know I'm not alone at trying to process the soul-crushing events of last week. Last Saturday morning, I was straightening the girls' playroom and writing in my head (that's what I call thinking). I had just read some heartless comments on a Facebook thread about WHY this happened and who is to blame. It had not even been 24 hours.

As I slipped into the hearts of those grieving parents and families and tried to imagine what they were feeling at that moment, I grabbed the closest writing utensil--a purple crayon. I jotted down what was in my mind and heart, and then I texted my friend Karen. She is a rock star public librarian with an awesome blog who has posted some of my writing in the past. "I have an idea that I think would work for your blog. I just wrote some of it in purple crayon." She quickly responded, "So should I call you Harold?"

Well-played, my librarian friend, well-played.

On Thursday, Karen posted my piece. I share it out of my sincere belief that books have the power to change our hearts--but only if we give them the chance.

Here it is:

TLT: Teen Librarian's Toolbox: Bibliotherapy: What if we read more? (guest post b...: “If every person in this room made it a rule that wherever you are, whenever you can, you will try to act a little kinder than is necessary...


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