Sweet Summer, Where are You?

Memorial Day weekend makes my mind drift towards the lazy days of summer when I can stay up late and READ. Or lie on the couch in the afternoon and READ. Or go to the neighborhood pool and READ. Or spend 14 hours in a car on the way to vacay and READ. So many of my friends ask me for "Summer Reading" recommendations, which I feel honored to give them. Hopefully, summer is the season of reading for you, and if it's not, then why not start now. 
So without further ado, here is my personal "Summer 2014 Reading List."  I have divided it into 2 lists: YA and Not. I have to keep reading YA in the summer (because it's my JOB and I love reading it). Because I read so much YA year-round, I use Summer to relish some adult books. In fact, I usually alternate between YA and adult during the summer months. You can click on the covers below to read more about these books on Goodreads. 
NOT YA Books that I Want to Read this Summer:

NEW YA Books to Read: 

Not-so-New YA That I'm Looking Forward to Reading: 

Books that I've already read but would make GREAT Summer Reads for You: 


Honestly, I make these Summer Reading lists each year, and I don't really stick to them. But that's the beauty of Summer Reading--it's about enjoyment not requirement. 

It's Memorial Day Weekend, and I just want to get my Summer on and go into full-throttle Reading Mode. Even though we have graduated all the Seniors in our district and have enjoyed a little taste of Sweet Summer these past few days, we still have nine days of school left in the school-year-that-never-ends-it-just-goes-on-and-on-my-friends. But it will be here SOON, and when it comes, let's savor every minute of this Sweet Summer. Because August will be here before we know it...

Enjoy and Happy Reading! 


  1. Why didn't I start the Sue Monk Kidd????? Oh well, after I finished this damned Gillian Flynn…

  2. I was totally gonna read THE VACATIONERS next, but I couldn't get it on my Nook yet...

  3. I love that it's the "damned Gillian Flynn." I need to read that one. Let me know if it will cause me mental anguish like GONE GIRL did.


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